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The first, "Diner des Anges" took place on March 17, 2019, in Downtown Los Angeles.

Many guests attended, eager to show support and help us develop our mission with generous donations. “7 pm: 225 distinguished guests make their entry to the Famous French restaurant “Le Petit Paris”, which has been specially closed for this private event.

Gala outfits, step and repeat photos, and dinner are on the program. Olivier Minne, a well-known TV host, journalist and author is the Master of Ceremony.

Cocktails in hand, the guests wander around the patio, looking at the various silent auction items and placing their silent bids. Those attending are long-time friends as well as perfect strangers sensitive to the cause.

Olivier Minne reminds us all about the mission of the foundation as short films showing our actions in Peru, Haiti, and Los Angeles are shared.

A raw moment follows when Thierry humbly shares the tragic event that led to founding this association, and the conviction he and his wife Maïa have shared ever since that a happy childhood for all is a number one priority. Emotions run high among the audience. Nobody is here just "for a cause" anymore, as beautiful as it may be, but for Lou, for Thierry and Maïa, and for all the children who will receive help thanks to them.

The general enthusiasm and desire to give and help rises, right then and there, some of the guests spontaneously offer new prizes to be auctioned live.

Thierry acts as an auctioneer and shows that he is a real natural at this! "$800 for a sunset cruise? $1,500? no, $2,500, sold! ".

All the items are gone in record time.” In the end, the 225 guests donated $100,000, including the funds from the auctions; more than double what was anticipated! The funds will be distributed over the course of this year and focused on the three main projects at the heart of Tierra's Angels’ mission.

Thank you all for your generosity, your support, and your trust. Lou Forever.

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