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Thierry and I just got back from Haiti…

It was such an emotional trip in so many ways…

We got to spend quite a bit of time with kids from two different orphanages in Port au Prince and Jacmel. We came with heavy loads (six suitcases) of goodies to give away… Thanks to all your donations of clothes, shoes, toys, food, treats, we were able to give all the kids we met a little bit of love and sweetness in the midst of their rough lives! It was so rewarding to see all their happy faces, as all kids' faces should be!

We spent two days in Port au Prince with Convoy of Hope, the non-profit organization we work with in Haiti. They took us to the fields to see their amazing work, meet the farmers, and we also helped them distribute meals to kids in the different schools that are part of their program. We realized how powerful and important their help is in this country.

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