Medical Support For Kids in Peru


Provide Medical Support to Peruvian Families


In the rugged and isolated mountains of the Sacred Valley in Peru, access to care is difficult and expensive. Most of the inhabitants are farmers who are barely living off their land or their few heads of cattle.

Their health problems are often poorly treated, leading to their aggravation. For example, many amputations are needed when simple care at the right time could have prevented them.

The Kausay Wasi Clinic, founded by a Peruvian/American couple in 2005, offers a full range of hospital care, at a very low cost to those who can afford it, and free of charge to those whose who cannot. The clinic is only funded by private donations.

Tierra's Angels offers you to sponsor an entire family from one of these villages near Machu Picchu by offering them full medical coverage for one year.

Tierra's Angels also raises funds for the prosthetic department because it is where the needs are the greatest and the funds least available.

The angels who sponsor families receive pictures and full descriptions of their adopted families as well as a full report on the medical care they received during the year of sponsorship, and should be able to exchange mail with them (in Spanish or Quechua) once a year.