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Meet our family

Maia, Tom, Marin,

Lou, and Thierry

As the Founder and CEO of a Superfood company, Thierry Ollivier has always based his business activities on principles in line with his philanthropic mission: helping children worldwide. The sales model “one for one” generating meals for children in Haiti that his company implemented attests to it.

Regular business travels to the Sacred Valley of Peru showed him the lack of medical care families living in the area had. Consequently, families now engage in a support program through a local clinic that his company sponsors. Friendships with local families in the program remain strong due to the numerous visits that Thierry and his wife Maïa pay them every time they travel to Peru.

When their daughter Lou suddenly passed away, it was only natural that in their desire to honor their little princess. Thierry and Maïa would choose to continue the mission they had set for themselves. Lou’s short life was carefree, happy, and filled with love, and they wanted that for as many children as possible. They decided to channel all the love and support they were receiving and create Tierra’s Angels, a foundation that would help as many children as possible in the world.

"Tierra's Angels was founded in 2017. Thanks to the generosity of our friends and partners, we collected enough funds to support projects in Peru and Haiti, two countries that were relevant both personally and professionally. Later on, we decided to add Los Angeles as one of our focus areas, as it is where we live with our sons." 



Father of 3

Born and raised in France, lives in Los Angeles.

Co-Founder of Tierra's Angels.

Philanthropy is in Thierry’s DNA. Since creating his own Superfood Import & Distribution company in 2002, and through the encounters he made during his sourcing trips around the world, Thierry has always put his care for people first, be it through ethical sourcing, Conscious leadership or straight philanthropy.



Mother of 3

Born and raised in France, lives in Los Angeles

Co-founder of Tierra’s Angels.

Maïa started her own business, “la Maison de Maïa”, 20 years ago when she moved to LA.

She specialized in event styling, visual merchandising and interior design.

She likes to entertain and gather people to share happy moments with friends and family.

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